Cover Iczelion Title
Anime (2 OAV of 30min)
Hirano Toshihiro
Character designer
Hirano Toshihiro
Masanori Nishii
Published in english by AD Vision
Original version 1994 (KSS)
English version 1995
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Nagisa Kai, Iczelion

Nagisa Kai, Iczelion

"Iczelion" is only remotely linked to "Fight! Iczer 1" and "Iczer 3" anime. Except from the fact that most of the characters have the same names and look exactly like characters from those anime (but don't have the same stories), the only reference to the various Iczer's series is that the Iczers created the Iczel battle suite.

The Iczel have the ability to synchronise with a human being (a girl only ?) and give her the same fighting power as an Iczer so that they may protect their home world. Iczelion, War-Girl, is the name given to such a person.

The story is about Nagisa, a young high school student that is chosen by an Iczel to become his partner and fights androids invaders. But Nagisa doesn't want to have anything to do with that and above all, she doesn't want to fight ! Even if the fate of the Earth is in her hands and in those of her follows Iczelion ! Nagisa spend most of the anime running away from her responsibilities and crying in fright.

The story is pretty simple. In fact there is nearly no story at all and this anime is mostly a pretext to show cute girls in battle armours. This feeling comes perhaps from the abrupt end of Iczelion which leave many plots undeveloped and unresolved. The few scenes after Act II's ending suggest that there should have been a follow-up that was never written.

Iczelion also contains a lot of fan service but Toshihiro Hirano's art and character design is always as beautiful and the animation is pretty good. The music are very cool and were composed by Tatsumi Yano and Kenji Kawai, the author of the music from "Ghost in the Shell".

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"War-Girl Iczelion" lyric

"You're The Best Partner" lyric

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