Iczer 3 (US Comics)

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Iczer 3
Comics (discontinued after 2 episodes)
Stacey Rosenstein and Daphne Lage
By CPM Comics (US Manga Corps)
September 1996


The first of the two published episodes of this comics just tells the same story as the Iczer-3 anime. We see the fight between Iczer-1 and Neos Gold, the attack on the Lunar base by one of Neos Gold commander : Fiber and the entry of Iczer-3. It ends with Iczer-3 rescuing Nagisa, Kawai, Yajin, Rob and the captain of the Queen Fuji spaceship.

Without any transition, the second episode starts with three Void(?) discussing (about the life, the universe and everything :) in the far future. Probably they planed to explain why the first episode was about the Iczer-3 anime and why the second episode seems to be about a totally new story not at all related to it but we will never know... Anyway, the tree Voids explain how Big Gold is a creature created by Mankind in the far future and how, to fulfil humanity death-wish (and so server it to the end), she comes back in the past to attack the Earth but, at the same time, awaken Iczer-1 to protect it. The three Voids, also created by the men in the future, realise (in their twisted mind) that to prevent humanity from becoming the "degenerate parasite" it has, they should prevent it to develop its technology. As the meeting with the Cthuwulf was a key factor in advancing humanity's technology in that direction, they decide to go back themselves into the past and destroy the Cthuwulf and the Iczers. (Which don't make much sense as they go back to a time located after the Iczer-3 anime when the Cthuwulf and Earth's people have already meet...).

To me, this seems like an attempt to put pieces together and explain what isn't explicitly told in the various Iczer series. Most of the explanations are similar to my own but I feel that some aren't needed and are just in plain contradiction with the "official" stories. Also, I am sorry to say it, but I simply _hate_ the art which has nothing to do with Toshihiro's work. Just take a look by yourself to the samples bellow...

Sample from Legend of Iczer
Legend of Iczer
Sample from US comics Iczer 3
US comics Iczer 3
Golden Warrior Iczer-One

The Fight! Iczer-One anime may have set whole new "cliche" went it was published but the US comics... :(
And the above picture isn't _that_ bad compared to the rest...

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