Legend of Iczer (Iczer Densetsu)

Cover Legend of Iczer Title
Legend of Iczer
Manga (At least 7 chapters)
Hirano Toshihiro
First in magazine Comic GENKi
First 7th chapters regrouped in :
Newtype 100% comics
From 1990 to 1991 in GENKi
Newtype volume in 1992
I don't have the faintest idee if
the next chapters were published !


"Legend of Iczer" action take place in a parallel universe of the various Iczer series. Iczer-1, Iczer-2 and Iczer-3 fight together to protect the Cthuwulf spaceship Silver Noah. When the ship is attacked by Voids sent by Big Gold, announcing that the last battle will take place on Earth, the Iczers go planet-side in quest of their partners for the upcoming fight.

The first seven chapters tell of how Iczer-1 meets Nagisa, Iczer-3 Kawai and Iczer-2 Yajin while Big Gold's servants try to prevent that from happening.

Iczer 2's partner is Yajin, a boy with secret ESP powers.
Legend of Iczer Iczer-1
A warrior aboard the ship Silver Noah, who continues her fight against Big Gold's evil intentions. The time she was on the ship with Iczer 2 and Iczer 3 has come to pass, but now new comrades are born.
Usually with a calm mind. She has a cool side, and has a samurai like sense of honour. In order to make Yajin her partner, she has called forth Iczer Sigma.
Kasumi Nagisa is Iczer 1's partner. She is living on Earth as an ordinary high school student when Iczer-1 suddenly appeared before her.
The youngest of the Iczers. Iczer 3 is tomboyish, small, and cute, but she has great power ! She and her partner Kawai gets along very well.

A genius young girl, Shizuka Kawai is Iczer 3's partner. She is blind but she can see the Iczers with her mind's eyes.

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