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Re: Re: Hehehe yeah I kind of noticed that in me Cyperspace travels, but..... (Tue Jul 27 04:12:21 1999 )


Dunna worry about it. I really couldn't afford it anyhow :)

.... Okay I lied I could afford it, worry about it! hehehe 

It wouldn't have bothered me very much, but the very same 
thing happened the day before on a cel from an American 
series to me. LOL same price as well. I appreciate it if 
you do find another Kain to let me know... not that I 
wouldn't find it meself... I have the feeling that I'll be 
hanging around this board for a while :)

Ohh and I dunna have anything to feel guilty about, but then
again I'm new to Cel collecting :)

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