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Re: anime studios going to digital (Fri Jun 11 18:24:57 1999 )

Yes, Toei and Gonzo are already turned into computerized
anime studios, no more hand-painted cels.  Studio Ghibli 
is migrating to computers too, its current film, Yamada-Kun
is fully done on computers.  I don't surprise its new films
after this one will be done on computers as well.  
Gainax is migrating to computerized animation quickly, 
its recent TV series, A Boyfriend/Girlfriend Situation is
done fully on computers.  Production I.G. and Sunrise are 
changing gradually.  AIC will probably take a while to
I expect in the next 3-5 years, most of the large anime
studios will switch totally into computers.  Then it will
probably take another few more years for the small anime 
studios to switch.   The majority of US and European
animation studios have already changed into computers, it
is just a matter of time for the Japanese anime studios
to change.  
Bottom line: Collect cels while you can.

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