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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is there a way to tell a genga from a douga??? (Sat Jun 12 23:35:14 1999 )
Yann Stettler

Well, the character designer of an anime isn't always
the mangaka that made the manga upon which the anime
is based : sometime the job is given to someone else...

I know that the animation director sometime retouch
genga on a separate drawing. (it's still called a genga).
But I am not sure if other people are also doing genga
for an anime or not.

Genga are done only for key scenes. Not key cels ! But
important scenes that are used as reference (check points)
for the rest of the anime. A genga probably doesn't correspond
to a douga : Often the character has a slightly different
position in the anime. Or, for example, a genga may
represent the 3 characters of a scene when in the anime
there will never be the 3 together on any given cel.

Sometime, you may also find a drawing that is a draft
for a genga...

I don't know how many there is in an animation. It's
probably change quite a lot from one anime to another...

I don't make any guarantee on those info : That's what
I was told by some Japanese working in anime but I don't
know how much was lost in the translation... :)

Yann Stettler

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