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Re: Re: Site revisions are up and running! (Tue Oct 19 21:58:14 1999 )

>How about adding 'alt' tags to your buttons for 
>those of us who in this brilliant age of multimedia 
>keep on surfing with images turned off anyway? :)

Can I go one further? I believe on your old site that you
had some text links at the bottom of the page, and I'd
really like to see those again.

I also run with images turned off, and it's a little known
fact that if you run with images turned off using Netscape
on a Mac, that mouseover links don't work. Not even if you
hand load the images. You have to go into your Preferences,
turn on image loading, go reload the entire page, then go
back, turn them off again....one teeny weeny little bar of
text links for navigation makes sites SO much more accessible
to so many more people!

Thanks, Marcia.

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