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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Warning to Sailormoon cel collectors (Wed Oct 13 06:29:11 1999 )
Young-Kyu Yoo

I think image galleries do anime fans a service.  And I 
think they are just as valid and as legal (or as illegal)
as most of the cel galleries on the web.  How many of us
have bothered to obtain permission to show EVERY ONE of the
shows from which we collect cels?

I know that Animeigo doesn't mind that I show KOR cels, as
they once linked to my web site without my even
asking them!  And I believe that most studios (with the
exception perhaps of Gainax) don't really mind that fans
post their images without their permission.  All image
and cel galleries, after all, are free advertising for the
studios!  They spread the gospel of anime and they promote
your favorite shows.  We should be thankful.

Now, if you start making money off the images...like
charging for them...that's another matter.

another matter...

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