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Re: Re: (and a QUESTION)Re: Re: Re: Someone still want cels signed by Watase at Animazement? (Fri Mar 3 17:36:33 2000 )


I recall last year after a convention or another, someone
was selling some original sketches on eBay.  I found this 
Sure, the owner is allowed to do what they 
want with their property, but technicly, they got the 
drawings for free (standing in line for a couple of hours 
does not mean you worked for them or earned them!)
Second, the artist graciously drew the artwork specificly 
for them to keep. And third, the seller most likly did not 
have authorization from the artist to make money off of them. 
I just find this sale of original drawings to be a stab in
the back to the artist. It's kind of like those autographed
photos or books seen for sale that have been personalized for
a specific person.  

Metaphor (still steaming over this)

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