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In my opinion, other forms of anime art--posters, cards, 
etc.--usually look posed, the artist can draw the characters
however he or she wants to without regards to what was ever
actually seen on film. Cel artists usually don't have that
freedom, the cel has to fit into the scene and the plot of
the show. It makes the characters seem much more alive, to
me, on a cel because they're doing things and showing

That's also part of what makes it addictive. Since there are
so few perfect cels, then even for characters that I have
several cels of, I can always find another one where they're
doing something different, or dressed differently, or 
showing some new emotion, and I feel like I need the cel to
complete my collection.

Another reason this hobby is addictive is the way the cels become available. Only a relatively small number of cels
from any show are available at any particular time, so you
have to choose from what's out there. But dealers add new 
cels all the time, so there's always a chance to find a 
nicer version of a cel you already have, and you want to buy
it too. And with the increasing competition to get cels, 
sometimes you have to take advantage of an opportunity even
if the cel isn't exactly what you wanted.

But hopefully, everyone can enjoy the cels they are able to
get, and not worry too much about the ones they miss.


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