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Re: Looking for Gunnm (Battle Angel), Lodoss, Macross cels (Wed Dec 29 18:48:38 1999 )


Hope you have a fat pocketbook...Gunnms are getting 
obscenely expensive. If you are willing to spend $200-$400 
either Art-Toons or Anime Wink can help you out.Art-toons has
 cels that put that one on Ebay to shame that cost the same
as that mid-quality cel (no offense to the owner or 
buyer).  I almost bought a GREAT cel of Yugo and Gally for 
$200 (and i wish I had..and I may still if its around, but
 thats doubtful) They have no site online yet and I am 
dreading when they do (my credit card is pushed enough) but 
they can be reached at ergezi@ct_mfg.ct.picker.com  
They can fax stuff over or send copies and are really great 
people.  They deal in American stuff as well.  
below is a Gunnm cel I bought from them years ago

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