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Re: Re: Dumb question #4: Should I just let mouths get stuck? (Wed Dec 29 22:27:03 1999 )

For stuck pencils - 
If they are really nice cels, I don't mind.  I really have 
no use for pencils for cels that I know I am going to keep
forever.:)  I have on occasion, VERY carefully removed the 
pencil so the cel would look nice for presentation.  I've
even torn pencils off in bits for those that are *really*
stuck (gasp!:)  Anything to avoid damage to the paint on the
cel.  But, if you know you might sell it later, then I'd 
leave it stuck and let someone else deal with it.  ^^;; 
Most of the cels I've traded/sold didn't come with pencils
because of the above - I thought I would keep them always so
I kinda did away with the pencil.  ^_^  lately tho, I've 
been getting a lot of cels without the pencil stuck, so I
haven't had that problem.

For the cels with multiple unstuck layers-
definetly put poly/plastic/whatever between the layers.  You
can always let them stick later, but you can't unstick them
once they're stuck.  ^_^

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