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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: End of the year blues (Fri Dec 31 01:42:45 1999 )

Try putting your entire computer in a pool.  :)  I just
got a little mad one day....was looking for an excuse
to upgrade my old 486.  Still worked after it dried out,
got a new computer soon after too.  :)

As for cel page updates, I'm waiting for my domain name
to switch over to my new server, I got LOTS more cels
to put up....about 200 or so.  Ranma...Slayers....
Kenshin...(<---yep, parrallax has Kenshin!  ^_^ )  OOhhh...
thats a nice MRK OVA cel.....WTF is that one?...Nazca...
Ohh, haven't seen many DPF cels in a while...plenty of
stuff I don't know about too....hmmm...


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