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Re: Re: Question: Where can you buy original sketches/genga/convention art pieces? (Thu Dec 23 00:08:34 1999 )

There really aren't many avenues for buying any original art
or sketches like you mentioned.  Those of us that own them
are always reluctant to sell them becuase it's usually hard
to get them in the first place, and the only place to genearally get them is at a show where the artists are at.
Which will usually entail a wait in line for up to several
hours!  Often artists will give sketches to the first few 
dozen people in line and then they tire out and just start
signing autogra; so you always want to be in the front to be
sure to get a sketch.  Only exception is the rotten way that
Anime Expo does with the lottery, where you can be the last 
person to get a ticket by just walking up to the ticket
dispenser gets a sketch over the die hard fan who waited for
4 hours get nothing.  A system I totally grudge.

Besides the one that I've been able to get done at shows the 
only luck I've had getting others is through trading, and
even the trade involved other sketches!  Sometimes if you 
have an exceptional cel that a collector wants they will trade it for a sketch.  And the few times that you get the
opportunity to purchase big name artists like Miyazaki, Yuki
the prices can go well into the thousands.  Really harsh when
you think the owner usually got it for free and just had to
wait inline.  Sometimes at auctions you'll see original 
sketches for sale, but the prices can go high there too.

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