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Re: Why are some lines on cels made with machines instead of my hand? (Sun Dec 12 09:48:47 1999 )

I think all the anime cels' outlines are transferred
by copier-like machines nowaday.  However, the ink-lines
quality different from studios to studios.  Some studios
maintain their copiers in good shapes all the time, so as
the animators transferring the pencil sketches to cels, the
ink lines are smooth and complete, like hand-drawn.  Some 
studios like Toei worked their copiers to non-stop hours, 
because they made many weekly TV episodes, there were no 
time for them to clean up and maintain the copiers.  Right
now, Toei studio has turned its production process into
computers, no more cels.  

The cel ink-line copiers are similar to a regular paper 
copier, if nobody maintains it like changing toners, 
the ink lines will look slugglish, incomplete with tiny 
holes and missing parts...etc.  

For the anime studios, using ink-line copiers make their 
lives are a lot easier.  It simplifes the animation process,
saves production time, and most importantly, keeps the
budget down.  Bottom line is if their copiers are good,
the lines should look as good as the hand-drawn ones.

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