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Re: INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER?? (Fri Dec 10 19:21:50 1999 )
Ranma's Cute Fiance'

I suggest you go try it again.  Tell them you want the pink
money order.  If they have a problem as to where you are going
to send it to, just tell them you are sending it to Canada and
they won't argue with you.
At my local post office, I noticed that they are training some
new clerks, so it is a possibility that this is what they are 
doing at your post office too and the clerk you got was just
uninformed or just pressed the wrong button on their computer.

There are 3 kinds of money orders you can get in the USA.  
The first is green and can only be cashed in the US, territories
and APO/FPOs.  The second is the pink one, which is meant for 
international use for most western and non-third world countries.
The last is a money transfer type of money order, where you fill
out a form, pay your cash and the whole thing is processed in 
St. Louis, I think and the central post office sends out the m.o.
to the recipiant in their local currency.

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