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Re: Re: Re: INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER?? (Fri Dec 10 22:11:46 1999 )

The way that my post office explained it to me is that the US 
treasury dept. has a 'deal' with most countries (I didn't quite follow 
this part, I apologize) which means that you /can't/ send the regular 
IPMO (the pink one) to them. The exceptions are Canada and Japan.
So, basically, the pink IPMOs are for Canada and Japan only. If you want 
to send a money order to Europe, Singapore, Namibia, etc. etc.
then you can get one from your bank, but not from the US Post Office.
I /think/ (this is my interpretation) that the 'deal' is talking about the fact 
that if you want to send a postal money order, they have to go through this HUGE 
deal to get the money converted BEFORE it is sent there. Banks probably have arrangements 
with other banks in other parts of the world to facilitate the exchange between 
Basically, IMHO, it's just another example of the immense bureaucracy of the Post Office.
It's not that the individuals have anything to do with it, it's just in many ways a really 
antiquated system that is inconvenient for the speed required by modern commerce.
Just my two cents

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