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Re: Re: Re: Re: INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER?? (Sat Dec 11 01:02:35 1999 )
Yann Stettler

You don't understand me : You said that pink money
order are used for most country except third worlds
or non-western.
As pink can't be used for all countries in Europa,
I am asking you if you consider that we are 3rd world
or non-western....

Because, as the other person explained, the normal,
"correct" way of sending money to most countries is
to use the way where the post office directly tell the post
in the other country to deliver the money to the recipient.
The pink money order is only used for the few countries,
like Japan, where there isn't an agreement between the
posts and so the "regular" way can't be used.

I ask people to send me pink money order for two reasons :
1) the US post office is so slow to send the money
   that it's much faster to send oneself a pink money order
   by regular mail.
2) My bank will accept a pink money order just like any
   other kind of check.

That also mean that : never send a pink money order to
someone in Europa before they check if their bank will
accept to cash it or not as the post office certainly

Yann Stettler

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