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E"valu"ating Business (Fri Aug 18 11:04:06 2000 )

I want to ask dealers on just HOW (and WHY) they 
price the cels the way that they do... 

I'm not talking about normal cel markups for the 
middleman - that I can respect. Up to 
double-price, even that I could swallow. I'm 
talking about what was noted on previous posts, 
like a markup from $30 to $300. Yes, there will 
always be someone willing to part with a high 
amount of money, but it's sort of ridiculous - 
particularly because many of us with some 
knowledge and experience in a particular series' 
market can tell... HOW and WHY do you decide to 
make a 1000% markup?  

I don't mean to start a flame war - however, 
surely there is a line between good business sense 
and complete rip-off? And don't say "it all 
depends on what the consumer is willing to pay" - 
I'm talking about dealers, NOT auctions or 
private collectors who never intended to sell the 
cel when they first purchased anyway. 

I was particularly perturbed by some cels on 
[dealersite] which were marked up to $200, but the 
ones I got in Tokyo from the same series were $70 
AT MOST, and that's for key cels with backgrounds 
and A-grade cels. I've since lost respect for this 
dealer. There are definitely some dealers who I 
respect a great deal because their markups remain 
reasonable to the knowledgeable... 

But perhaps this is a sign that all dealers are 
starting to move to auctions, and soon we'll be 
buying these things off auction only? Sad 

I'm looking for logical answers. All flames will 
be ignored .

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