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Re: Re: These are a few of my favourite things.... what're yours? ^^ (Fri Aug 11 14:54:30 2000 )

Probably not me, I just one day said "I'll put up
new Utena cels when CPM liscenses the rest of the
series" ...foolishly thinking they wouldn't make
the same mistake they did with Slayers.  Oh well, 
still holding to it -_-;  With the exception of
two cels, I don't get many inquiries and I believe
my Touga is up (page 2). ^_^;

Anyway, it's about time I answered this great idea
(yeah Jocey!).  I must admit that I love looking
at everyone's gallery, I just love cels, but here
are some (but not all) highlights from the two
series I try to collect the most (any more series
and it probably wouldn't fit)...keeping it to
select cels is so hard:

One of Debbye's movie Utenas (and probably some
other cels I've never even seen... hint, hint,
gallery update)

Kenshin no Miko's and Mia's cels of Raiel from
Violinist of Hameln episode 25

A couple Utena cels Alice has (not online -_-;)

Trebuchet's demon Hamel

Lady Zatara's backgrounded and bank cels from
Shoujo Kakumei Utena (and probably some other els
I've  never even seen... hint, hint, gallery
update too.)

Ash's VoH backgrounds and select dark cels of
Vash... and of course any Wolfwood

Atiya's Utena in JAMMIES!!

Who knows she's forgetting something -_-;

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