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Re: anou that was sposed to be a question.. heh and another thing... (Sat Dec 30 18:40:24 2000 )

*blushes and raises her hand sheepishly*  I think 
that bidding on ebay is bad for my health...I get 
heart palpitations waiting down those last few 
seconds to count down ^_^;;.  It's really sad, but 
I can't stop myself when it's something I REALLY 
want.  At the very least I begin tapping my feet, 
and my finger gets stuck on continuously clicking 
that reload button *lol*.  So I try not to bid on 
any auctions that have already received a previous 
bid, and I try not to bid until the very end 
anyway, so I don't have long to torturously wait 

This is partly why I absolutely adore "Buy it 
now."  No waiting, and it's mine mine mine!


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