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Re: Are you interested in Genga? (Sat Nov 25 08:26:25 2000 )

Some people chose to collect genga along with 
cels. However, some genga are priced too high, so 
a lot of people won't buy them (unless it's done 
by a famous design, in the Lodoss case). I like 
to collect gengas of characters that are rare to 
find, or from my favourite scenes, since in some 
cases I know I will not be able to aquire the 
actual cel. So a genga is the next best thing. ^^

My favourite genga (which consists of 3 separate 
gengas in all) of Chichiri. I know for a fact 
it's already in someone'spersonal collection for 
keeps so I'll stay very content with this. ^^;

the screenshot:

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