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Looking for cels of Hayama Akito or Ishikawa Goemon! ^_^ (Wed Oct 25 22:18:16 2000 )
Anrui Ukimi

Komban wa, minna-san!

I'm new here, and I'm slowly trying to get into 
cel collecting, but I have NOTHING to trade, 

(My only anime cel is a cel of Bleed Kaga from 
Cyber Formula, and my one good cel I used to have 
was accidently THROWN AWAY by my brother. [A 
centered, filling the cel, eyes open, facing 
forward cel of Bulma holding Baby Trunks.] That 
was a sad day for me. ;_;) 

and little extra money. I usually trade stuff for 
artbooks, mangas, and sometimes fansubs, but I 
don't know, and doubt, that anyone would be 
interested in a artbook over a cel. *_*

Aaanyway, getting to the point. ^_^; I'm on a 
hunt for Hayama Akito cels (from Kodomo no 
Omocha), Treize Khushrenada cels (Gundam Wing), 
and Goemon Ishikawa cels (From Lupin the III)

If any has any of the above we can negotiate some 
sort of deal over, please post a message here, or 
email me!

Arigato gozaimasu!

Anrui Ukimi

o fortuna: i will be forgetting you...

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