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Just my opinion (Mon Jun 11 17:31:39 2001 )

Does your partner want you to give up your 
collection? If so, he/she is not very 
considerate, unless you have been using the 
mortgage money to buy cels instead! You don't 
have to give up cels just because your partner 
has no interest in them. You just can't share the 
hobby with him/her, but there's no requirement 
that says partners have to share all interests.

My partner is not interested (polite way of 
saying "junk") in cels, but he does not care if I 
am. His opinion is that if it make me happy, he 
trusts my judgement.

You mention having to give up your collection. If 
your partner cannot tolerate you cel collection, 
you may have a deeper problem in your 
relationship, like a struggle for control.

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