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Re: But there is a big difference between... (more) (Mon Jun 11 07:59:49 2001 )

true true. I'm not saying that its right to tell 
the forum to boycott him, since MANY sellers are 
reselling cels they got from somewhere..,after 
all, they've gotta come from somewhere. But 
personally, it kinda sucks for me to learn that 
i'm only like 20 minutes away from the shop 
myself and have been paying big prices for 
something that i could've picked up myself for 
much less. Of course thats from my own 
perspective since I do live near the place and 
others have no way of getting those cels other 
than ebay.
as for someone who said that there is no one 
willing to go and get cels and sell them for 
virually not profit. I am actaully going to go 
there myself and check out if there are some cels 
for my friends and myself and sell it to them for 
that same retail price (plus gas money maybe 
O_o). If i get some extras, i will post it up on 
my sales page for that same price. sorry though i 
only collect CCS cels so thats all the cels i 
know how to buy for what prices... but i think 
the assumption that everyone is in it to make a 
profit is quite wrong, I've seen many collectors 
willing to sell cels for cheaper or same price 
for others or very nice trades

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