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Re: Re: But there is a big difference between... (more) (Mon Jun 11 18:08:43 2001 )
Drac of the Sharp Smiles


I was going to comment on what was said about 
offering cels for cost and no one being willing 
to do as such. Not long ago, I found some very 
inexpensive genga of Deedlit from Lodoss. I 
probably could have made a mint by throwing them 
up on Ebay, but instead I offered to go get them 
for anyone here who wanted them. . . At cost.

Also, there are a number of cels in my collection 
that (if I ever decide to let them go) are 
already promised to people I know. . . For my 

In return, I have had people fetch things from 
Japan for me at nothing more than their cost. I 
think you'll find that there is a lot more of 
this going around than there seems to be and I'm 
glad that there are others willing to do such. ^_^

Many Sharp Smiles,

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