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Re: Re: Attention, all Tenchi, Lain, Weib Kreuz, CC Sakura, El Hazard and Dual cel fans!!! (Mon Jun 11 08:19:52 2001 )

I've heard that this seller, ryvius, has been 
busted on eBay before for shill bidding on cels 
and doujinshi last year under a different name.  
The only difference now is the ID and first name 
has changed, but, the address and last name 
matches with the shill bidding seller who got 

As Animate, the best way to avoid ebay to get to 
their product is to contact the source like 
Animate to not only sell in their store, but 
online has well.  Most places don't charge more 
online than what they charge at their stores.  
I'd give that a try before giving up.

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