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Animate does same thing (Mon Jun 11 17:37:13 2001 )

I checked Animate's website and guess what they 
do?  Auction the cels as well.  I also checked 
that ryvius seller's cels and it seems like he 
doesn't have any of the cels Animate auctions 
which look pretty good.  That means Animate keeps 
the best ones for themselves so they can auction 
them to make profits and sells more generic cels 
to customers including ryvius.  And Animate 
starts their starting bid at $50.00, so if they 
do sell all the cels originally range from $9 to 
less than $30 at this store, that means Animate 
is doing the exact same thing but perhaps little 
worse than ryvius.  So why do you only blame him 
but not the store?  I'm sure it's not like they 
can't do anything about it, it is like they will 
let him do it because he is doing them a favor by 
buying more cels from them.  I also checked the 
ebay and there are other sellers that sell very 
similar cels to ryvius and they make big profits 
as well.  Why aren't you blaming them too?  Just 
because ryvius sells a bit more than they do?  
I'm sure you just can't stand him earning profits 
the way he does because you probably can't.  You 
know, you also have every rights to do the same 
thing as him.  

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