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Re: Animate does same thing (Tue Jun 12 01:32:54 2001 )

The thing is, MOST of us don't do that because we 
are in it for the collecting and not the profit. 
It seems very harsh to assume we are just jealous 
that he found a way to do business that I 
(personally) consider immoral, however common it 
is in the free economy. I think people don't go 
saying Animate is wrong too because they are 
professionals, its natural for them to drive 
prices up, same as how dealers, retailers, and 
wholesellers work. But it seems somewhat odd that 
an individual buys from a *retail* store - which 
should already have high prices - and resells it 
for an even higher profit. I remember asking my 
friend a few months back to ask Thomas where he 
gets his cels because he doesn't seem to be a 
collector or a professional dealer, but of course 
i never got an answer. Anyways, I think this 
subject is very relative and everyone has their 
own idea of what is right "captialism" so its 
kidna pointless to be so harsh on each other >_<

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