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Re: Attention, all Tenchi, Lain, Weib Kreuz, CC Sakura, El Hazard and Dual cel fans!!! (Mon Jun 11 20:22:07 2001 )

I have won cels from Ryvisus and visited Animate 
and Mandarake in LA many times.

The basic econimics of cel market is demand and 
supply.  Animate bought cels from somewhere else 
and sell them for a profit and buyers like 
Ryvisus get them and resell the cels for 
additional profits is a basic cycle of business.  
I am sure that Ryvius has purchased cels that 
nobody wants or loose money sometimes.

The fact is we pay for a cel for what we are 
willing to pay and nobody puts a gun at my head 
to force me to buy.

I agree with you that I get frustrated to pay a 
premium on cel that I know worth less.  The only 
thing I can hope for is that I may be able to 
sell it later for even high price.


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