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Really now... *shakes head and laughs* (Tue May 15 14:11:29 2001 )

I'm starting to think you both Tc's are just 
trying to pick a fight with me, for some odd 
reason and I'm still laughing at you both for 
being irritated at a few posts of mine. I didn't 
know I was that special for you to take your time 
and be that rude to me. The subject you picked to 
gang up with me is very very ridiculous and has 
no foundation. I post all mine on Tasuki, want to 
know why? The only cels and the only cels I 
collect are Tasuki. So, if all my posts were on 
different cels from dif. series then it would all 
right? Is that what you are saying? I don't go 
off into other subjects at most and all them on 
cels. Because... *drumroll* I only collect Tasuki 
cels. If you have a problem with that, it's none 
of your concern. It's my life and I collect what 
pleases me. ^_^ Serious. Common sense. If someone 
tends to collect one character, then what are 60 
percent of their posts on their cels going to be 
about...? *takes out her pointer and points to 
letters on the blackboard* Now, pay attention 
kids. Hate to be this detailed, but serious now. 
This has gone far enough. I think it's ridiculous 
some people would try to bring down another 
person because they don't like what the other 
person likes. Would you like that done to 
yourself? I doubt you would. What, that is a rule 
you just made for me and everyone? I'm sorry but 
it does tick me off some people can be this rude. 
Give me a break. Think a bit. What other cels am 
I going to talk about if I don't collect anything 
else? But if you have been paying attention 
lately, made a few others on SM or JC. Been 
talking to Japster as well on JC by e-mails if 
you want to know as well other than this board. I 
swear I made more posts on JC than Tasuki and if 
you are going to go back and count them to try to 
be smart about it...then I seriousy am concerned 
about you. *sweat-drops* But if you guys are 
going to stand behind me like a mother Hen, get 
nasty about what series I tend to talk about, and 
count how many Tasuki posts I do about cels, then 
I won't even pay anymore attention to you. As  
said before, you are going to waste your breath 
because I won't read any more posts by the both 
of you. If there are two of you. I broke no rules 
and then get harassed? Well, then, why not watch 
how many posts you do on certain characters? 
Sound a bit far-fetched? Well, it is. I never did 
anything to you, and get this? I mean, I would 
never be this dis-respectful. I have a bit 
respect for myself to treat people nice and how I 
would like to be treated. You don't care to hear 
about him, then don't read the posts. There are 
many posts here everyday about other series and 
characters and those series might make me cringe, 
but I don't come after the people who like them. 
If they are happy, the great. I won't let you and 
TC spoil my joy, because it's not worth it. I 
don't come down on your posts and get mad at you 
because you might tend to talk about one 
character! I stay on topic and don't need this 
crap from you two because of it. But seriously, 
think about it. I doubt you would in real life 
and we should treat each other the same way here. 
And if you did in real life, well then, hate to 
see the other person's reaction to your 
harassment. Have nothing nice to say, then don't 
say aything at all, please. I mean, geeze, it's 
not like I'm over-flooding the board with thirty 
Tasuki posts! Seriously now, be a bit more civil 
and think about it. I would not do that here and 

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