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Collectors are competitive by nature, but.... (Sat May 12 05:33:57 2001 )

There are also a lot of nice people in this 
hobby. Sure, it's kind of a thrill to be bidding 
against someone in the last minutes of an eBay 
auction. It's also a kick when you manage to win 
that pretty little piece of acetate after a hard 
fought battle. But most people I've met in the 
hobby are willing to help you out if they can. 
With a few exceptions, the majority of cel 
collectors haven't been fully consumed by the 
dark side. :)

I don't know how many times a stranger has sent 
me an email after finding one of my wishlist cels 
on a retailers site. I've also seen many people 
back off from bidding on auctions, because 
another collector they know is bidding for a 
wishlist cel. I try to do the same when I can. 
The comradery within the cel community is what 
keeps me in the game.


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