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hmm Im not all that competitive in spirit either... (Sat May 12 16:28:42 2001 )

before I found the forum and I was cel hunting I 
would get the occasional "sorry but that cel is 
on hold for another collector" line.
  But it didnt happen all of the time..so I had 
no IDEA that there were THIS many collectors out 
there..when I did find out that Id have to 
compete for things..my heart kind of sank. I hate 
the idea that I might have to fight for stuff.
  really if you gotta fight for it..its not 
fun..its work. 
besides I like to see people happy.. so Im 
honestly happy when a friend gets their dream 
cel..even if Ive been lusting after it myself. I 
know that I have some good luck due every once in 
a while..so I dont really feel I have to compete 
to get what I want. I just wait and see what 
comes up..sometimes a lot of the cels I missed 
the first time..reappear and huzzah a happy paley 
is born!


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