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re: (Tue May 8 07:54:06 2001 )


As a collector i don't see anything wrong with 
fan cels.  Just as long as you aren't trying to 
pawn the cels off as production images, it seems 
alright with me.  

Then again, companies do own copyrights, and it 
is stealing someone elses design.  But i still 
think it is okay, only if the fan cel's start 
cutting into the companies profit, should 
something be done about it, since it isn't 
hurting anyone or draining their pockets then no 
one will probably have a problem with it.  Plus 
it helps those who don't have enough money to buy 
a production image of their favorite anime 
characters.  Sometimes you just want a pretty cel 
of a character, it doesn't matter if they are 
production or not.

Disney had a right to get mad, since they make 
all those cel prints and lithograph things, and 
reproduction cels.  

I might be wrong, but i don't think that their is 
a high demand for anime reproduction cels in the 
states that threatens the japanese studios 

or i could just be a moron, well that's all i 
have to say . . . for now .

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