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Re: Re: not attacking you at all, just felt why do I have to be the victim for a deal between you and the other seller (Sat Jun 16 08:47:44 2001 )


Thanks for posting the image, and allowing me to 
see the link, it certainly help a lot.

It is no wonder you would feel unhappy, I can 
understand now. 

The one on auction is clearly A-5, the one I sold 
is most likely A-3, I have sent out the cel 
already, however I have asked the person who 
ordered the cel to contact me when she receive 
the package.

If the cel I sold is A-5, that certainly would be 
unbelievable, but there is still possiblity, as 
most Japanese dealers normally sell/trade with 
each other privately, some major dealers will 
take consignments from collectors, if this is the 
case, that would be extremely sad, if there is 
justice, let it be A-3.

Frankly I do not see any reason why the seller 
would not sell the cels you won, at price of 
#20000, that is not bad at all for these two cels.

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