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Re: Re: You know you bought too many cels this month, when ... (Tue Apr 10 02:22:36 2001 )


The amount that I crossed off the wish list 
was scarry. Which does not mean that I will not be 
collecting more of these is the chance arrives. It 
does mean that I will be a lot more picky when it 
comes to getting new cels.

AMG - Finally got a decent cel of Beldandy from 
the movie
Gunbuster - Finally got my first cel from this 
Nadesico - I just posted it.
Record of the Lodoss War - Finally got a couple 
OVA cels I liked 
DNA^2 - Finally got a smiling Karin cel 
El Hazard - More Ifurita 
Nadia - Finally got a cut cel of Nadia yelling at 
Ranma - Just about all the characters I needed.
Slayers -  Cute cel of Lina from the OVA flying 
and a cel of her and Gourry together 
Tenchi - I got a great new one of Washu yelling
Video Girl Ai - Ai on the cross

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