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You know! You are really getting ANNOYING with this Tapion cel. (Tue Dec 18 09:19:35 2001 )
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First of all, how many times are you going to 
post messages saying this cel is on Ebay?!? There 
are only supposed to be two. One for the starting 
time and one for the ending time. You don't have 
to remind us everyday like the Ebay Auction Watch!

Second, I know you are frustrated because the cel 
is not selling as much you like to, but it's no 
reason to telling us to "GO BID (twice)." There 
are a lot of respected collectors on this forum. 
So, please show them the up most respect. 

One thing about this hobby is that no one can 
tell you what to buy and what not to buy. So, if 
people like your cel, then they will naturally 
bid on it. Try to be a little nicer next time. 
May be this is one of the reasons that your 
aution didn't go so well.

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