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Re: In that case I will still have a few days to go yet before they answer my email! (Thu Dec 13 10:28:54 2001 )
Lady Douji [View profile ]

I'm definatly going to have to agree about the 
customer service being oh shall we say non-
existant.  Currently my first and ONLY order with 
them has never arrived despite being ordered last 
June and shipped in July.  They say airmail is 
untrackable and must have gotten lost.  I find it 
really aggravating that in dozens upon dozens of 
items sent to me from Japan via both airmail and 
seamail from several different merchants THEIRS 
is the only one that's been lost, and they don't 
seem to care(especailly considering at this point 
it's been long enough for the cel to go back and 
forth several times)  I guess as long as they 
have their money they don't care if you're ever 
going to come back or not or if you're even 
satisfied.  Yeah I'm a little bitter, and the 
only satisfaction I'm going to get is knowing 
they've lost out on hundreds of dollars of my 
business because I am NEVER buying from them 
again.  To the original poster I would have to 
say this, before buying from Mangaya makes sure 
it's a cel you're really, really REALLY desperate 
for, and after checking EVERY other possible 
vendor before buying from them.  And pick the EMS 
shipping that way you'll get confirmation that 
it's actually been shipped.

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