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Has anyone here ever tried, and succeeded at talking a dealer's price down? (Wed Apr 24 17:47:43 2002 )
mouse [View profile ]

I see a cel in a dealer's site that I like...but 
the price is really really high.  I -think- this 
dealer has the character wrong, and therefor is 
charging the amt that said character would in 
fact go for.  I doubt seriously that emailing 
them and asking for a more fit price for the cel 
would work, but it brings up an interesting 
question.  Have any of you ever seen a mislabled 
cel or something in a dealer's shop that was high 
priced, and was able to talk them down?  Is this 
bad form that Im asking?  Probably...but Im 
bored, and I like that cel a lot..so I was 
wondering what everyone else's experiences were.  

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