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Well, you've done what everyone here suggested. . . (Wed Apr 24 19:03:35 2002 )
Drac of the Sharp Smiles [View profile ]


And that is that it never hurts to ask. I also 
sometimes ask dealers if they'd be interested in 
selling a cel for less than what is listed on the 
site. But I *only* do that if the cel has been 
sitting there for more than half a year. Just my 
way of reassuring to myself that it really *is* 
overpriced, and not just my imagination. ^_^;  
Also, by that point, almost any dealer is usually 
antsy to get the thing off their site. ^_^

It is all in timing and who you're asking. If the 
dealer can afford to let it sit there. . . Well 
eventaully *some* moron will come along and pay 
*any* ridiculously high price. (At least, so I'm 
convinced. ~_~;;)

Let us know how it pans out! ^_^

Many Sharp Smiles,

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