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Grand disappointment of immeasurable sorrow -- and Question (Sat Feb 23 03:20:03 2002 )
rekka (nli) [View profile ]

Yeah, I saw this one too... It's obvious that the 
seller didn't know what exactly it was nor how 
freakin' rare that ending cel was.  He had 
another cel of Miang that was up for bid at the 
end of last month and it only went for around 
7,000yen, too... to the same dude that supposedly 
won the more recent cel.  

I guess this brings up an interesting topic in 
cel collecting and having to deal with online 
auctions.  Do you think it's ethical or fair for 
something like this to happen?  I'm sure there 
are many of you that would have gladly paid much 
more than 30,000 had the auction kept going as 
would be natural, right?  It's true that it IS 
the seller's right to end the auction early if he 
so wishes, but...  lol  I'd just like to hear 
what you guys think about this--  It seems to me 
that the person who *did* win this cel only asked 
the seller to end the auction early for fear of 
losing it by the end of the auction...  Don't you 
think there should be some reprecussions to 
this?  On ebay, don't they discourage you from 
ending the auction before it's time?  I don't 
know if there is such a thing for YAJ, but...  

Anyway, I'm sorry for all of you that are 
disappointed by this as I am as well...  It's a 
damn shame.  lol


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