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Totally agree... (Tue Dec 23 07:17:42 2003 )
blueheaven [View profile ]

Those little carts are scary, aren't they? I 
could understand if you have some sort of injury, 
condition, or maybe you're just old and can't get 
around like you used to. However, being fat is no 
excuse to bilk medicare for a little cart to haul 
your big butt around for a day. Like I said, I'm 
a big dude. However, when the day comes that I 
can't walk ten miles without collapsing, or play 
football on the weekends with my friends without 
coughing and weezing, then it's time to get into 
better shape. The fact is, being fat is a life 
choice. It's not McDonald's fault. It's not your 
mother's fault. It's not the San Andreas fault. 

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