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Record CCS auction price?: just curious (Sun Dec 14 15:55:53 2003 )
sensei [View profile ]

Has any single CCS cel ever gone for more 
than 341,000 yen, as did the Second Movie pan of 
Sakura in her Princess outfit this morning.  
(Noooo ... I wasn't the lucky bidder ... though I 
often dream of having that much yen to put up.)

I know a pair of Second Movie cels (from the 
closing moments) went for something like 260,000 
yen and another pair went recently for close to 
200,000 yen.  But in my recollection this is the 
first time that a single CCS cel broke the 
300,000 mark.

Sensei makes a note to mentally recalculate 
the average worth of his CCS cels from $10 to $12 
for insurance purposes.

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