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Re: olivier gilbert?? Is this person hard to catch up with? (Wed Oct 22 18:00:44 2003 )
Drac of the Sharp Smiles [View profile ]


I'm one of the people who didn't have trouble 
with him other than somewhat slower than average 
responses time. But I've only dealt with him 
*once*. I had heard one "good report" about him 
at that time and all the rest were *very* bad.

Basically, I considered it a big risk to deal 
with him, but the cel in question (and its very 
low price) were worth the gamble.

Incidentally, I also only dealt with him under 
the condition that payment was through Paypal. I 
figured at least then I could have a chance to do 
*something* if things went bad, even if I was 
unable to get my money back.

Many Sharp Smiles,

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