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Gee, I wonder why anime companies might want to advertize here? ^_^ (Wed Oct 15 14:03:09 2003 )
Drac of the Sharp Smiles [View profile ]


I'm also someone who scrolls the ads off the 
screen, usually before they have a chance to 
load. (Which is why I hate the ad in the sidebar 
the most.) I despise watching the *ceaseless* 
motion out of the corner of my eye! The animation 
used to stop when you hit the browser's "stop" 
button, but it doesn't anymore. ~_~

But, yes. Even I've taken notice of some of the 
new ones and actually had some passing interest.

However, those are few and far between and it's 
still all overshadowed for me by that one crappy 
ad I keep getting that makes noise!! (*GRRrrr!!*) 
It's so much louder than anything else I play on 
the computer, that it knocks me over even if my 
computer's volume is down. . . Dieties help me if 
I forgot and left the volume turned up for some 
reason! ;;((@_@));;

Many Sharp Smiles,

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