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My collecting strategy (yes, there is one!!) . . . (Wed Jul 2 15:27:22 2003 )
Star Phoenix [View profile ]

When I first decided to start collecting, I just
finished watching Fushigi Yuugi.  I had no idea
how much prices were for certain characters until
the first cel I saw that I liked sold for $255. 
So I decided that IF I decided to collect, it will
ONLY have to be ones that I absoultely LOVE (my
absolute favorite character from the series).  And
not only that, it HAS to be an awesome cel of it.
 Because of this, I got really picky and only buy
the ones I know I will frame sooner or later.
1+ year later, I have about 20 cels total in my
gallery and most of them are Bishonen or
robo-Bishonen, :)  So, I think that would be my
current theme.

Star Phoenix

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