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SAILOR MOON anime cels up f/a & offers... plus OP TONARI NO TOTORO cels up for offers... (Tue Jun 17 02:45:02 2003 )
Harry "K" [View profile ]

Hi Gang!

Just listed a cel of SAILOR ALUMINUM SIREN onto 
ebay. I've decided to thin out my villains from 
the main series for now. Just going to continue 
to collect the Monsters of The Day, Movies 
Villain & Monsters, plus TV Specials Villain & 

I will be entertaining offers on everything else, 
STARS villains, R TV Villains, Super S TV, and S 
TV seasons. I am thinning out my Kaolinites 
alittle bit too! So if you see something you like 
feel free to email questions & offers.

This is not a desperation sale... so serious 
offers will only be considered.

Thanks as always!

Best Regards, Harry


PS) Anyone looking for OP Tonari no Totoro cels? 
I've got 4 of em... and will be taking offers on 
those too! 3 out of the 4 cels have matching 
unstuck pencil sketches, which is super rare for 
Miyazaki cels...

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