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* If the owner will not remove it, then contact the website host and they will remove the entire site . . . (Wed Jun 11 14:05:07 2003 )
Star Phoenix [View profile ]

This is an obvious copyright violation.  If the
owner of the website will not remove them upon
request of the original owners, then they should
contact the website hostand THEY WILL REMOVE the
website.  'Usually', whenever you are given
webspace, you have to sign/verify a certain
agreement to things (one of them is you will not
infringe on other people's property, etc).  This
is considered a breech of the agreement and is
liable for removal of the web site in its entirety
if they do not act and remove all the copyrighted

Although the owners may/may not have copyrights to
their cels, but they do own copyrights to the
scans and pictures of their cels that they made.

Star Phoenix

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