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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My eBay shop !! (Thu Jan 12 16:55:52 2006 )
guerrierinconnu [View profile ]


i have already answered to this

the Miyazaki cel had a lower price than its real
cotation in the market of cels !!!

That's just simple !!!
it was a good thing for me to find it at such
underestimated valour at Takamura store !!

So i have put it at its real price 8000 yens !!!

If you don't agree with this don't buy it at my
shop !!! I don't force anyone !!!!

The cels i buy from Mandarake are 50 % for me and
50 % for the shop and the price is not really
different beacause lots'of people who buy cels ,
bid at Mandarake and lot's of are now friends with
me so it would very stupid ...

The cels from Yahoo Japan are very difficult to
obtain for peaople who don't live or speak
japanese ( sellers usually don't sell ouside Japan
)so i don't compete with european or american
people who find those and i can offer rare cels
directly from Japan !!!! So i don't see the
problem !! 
My prices are directly made from the real cotation
of each serie, and each anime

A cel hasn't a stable price, so don't kidding !!
A cel at 30 dollars , increase or decrease its
price along the months and the years !!!
So don't be upset when you see a cels very high
which was at lower price elsewhere
Takamura don't practice real prices on their cels
so it's cool for me and cool for you 
Just buy it before me, that's all !!

I really apreciate to talk with you !!
It's very nice of you to say what you think , so
don't hesitate to tell me what you think of this !!

I've also a big cels collection , i know lot's of
people who work in animation industry and you can
trust me, i don't rob anyone , just pratize a real
price .
And if you are a member of french forum
Kifkifsaintseiya you can my cels at a price
divided by 2 so don't complain because i'm the
only one to do this and it's my job !

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