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Re: Open Poll to All! Please add your comments (Thu Apr 3 19:32:39 2003 )
japester [View profile ]

1) I would agree that there is no particular anime 
frenzy (there is so much anime in the US now that 
the demand is spread out) and that the cel market 
is depressed (high end stuff will always be in 
demand, but people aren't willing to pay for mid 
to low end stuff), so you are correct in that it 
isn't a good time to sell.  However, your logic is 
approaching the question from the wrong direction. 
 Some people are selling BECAUSE there is reduced 
interest.  Let's face it, cel collecting has been 
a fad for some people.  And now that the 
excitement is dying down, it isn't as cool.  And 
cels are rather expensive items to keep around if 
you aren't truly enjoying them.  Also, many people 
are experiencing a financial crunch due to the 
poor economy, so dumping luxury items like cels is 
 an attempt to trim the fat and/or make ends meet.

Personally, I sell VERY few cels.  And the ones I 
do sell are motivated more by profit than anything 
else, because I will usually use those funds to 
buy more cels.  ;-)

2) My outlook hasn't changed at all.  Although 
reduced income has forced many of us to cut back 
out of necessity.  As long as I have disposable 
income, I will collect things.

3) I look at CG animation as a boon.  I'm mildly 
obsessive about cels, so I'm glad the supply 
of new cels will soon dry up.  And since I collect 
cels to own a piece of the anime, I probably won't 
collect post-production stuff.  There are plenty 
of older series out there to collect.

4)Hmmm.  My local friends all seem to collect as 
before.  No change there.  One friend who 
collected the same stuff as me kinda burned bright 
and burned fast....and then burned out.  He was 
very focussed on his collection, then quit.  I 
think cel collecting was more of a fad or phase 
for him.  The slow and steady collectors I know 
are all still going strong.

As for me, I've been collecting for 2 years 
(seems MUCH longer!).  I've loved animation 
(western, Japanese, European) my whole life and 
dreamed of owning US cels, but the prices were 
always prohibitive.  As soon as I learned about 
the availability and prices of anime cels, I was 
hooked.  Animation, when done correctly, brings 
characters to life.  Owning a cel of a beloved 
character is like owning a piece of their life, 
their history.  And as long as I have that cel, 
that friend will always be in my memory.  ^_^


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